About BAPSA 

Why choose our services:

Why journey alone? Being part of BAPSA links you to professionals in every field contributing to the prevention and treatment of addiction. Be connected to a wealth of experience and knowledge for any solution you may need.

Our process:

Simply complete the membership application and send it to us along with your education and experience history so that we can align you with your professional status level. Once your application is accepted and processed, you can enjoy all the benefits and services BAPSA has to offer.

Our obligation:

We will ensure our members are kept up to date with developments in the addiction field, as well as maintain a respectable level of standards and ethical practice in our profession. It is our task to ensure our members can be part of a board that instills security, continuity and pride.

Fax: 0864436250

Email: info@bapsa.net

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

Submit your membership application form and get registered today!

Download and fill out the form below, and send with your C.V. to membership@bapsa.net. Once submitted one of our representatives will contact you.

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Ethics and Legal Responsibility

Another objective of BAPSA is to hold it's members accountable in maintaining a high level of ethical responsibility and conduct in the addiction field. Being a member of BAPSA is a shows commitment and support to ensuring the safety and protection of both the client and the professional.