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BAPSA Services


BAPSA Membership is for Addiction Professionals supporting continuous training and education in the addiction field. Members of BAPSA agree to uphold the highest level of ethics, legal and professional responsibilities in the field of addiction in South Africa. Being a member of BAPSA is a statement and commitment to strive for excellence.

Professional and Provider Support

Our team and network of professionals are available for consultation on any professional or ethical issues you may need assistance with, bringing years of combined experience and knowledge in this field.

Professional and Provider Status

Being a member of BAPSA is a statement to all of the commitment to legal, professional and ethical standards, professional development and global evidence based practice.

Professional Networking

BAPSA offers a broad network of professionals and treatment providers both locally and internationally.

Treatment Services

BAPSA only aligns itself with professionals and treatment providers that meet the standards of the industry. Referrals from BAPSA can be trusted and relied upon.

Facility Endorsement

BAPSA offers endorsement to providers that meet the standards of the industry and offer the highest quality of addiction treatment services.


BAPSA maintains and continues to develop a large library of resources for all professional and treatment needs.

Web Seminars

BAPSA keeps it's members up to date with any useful and significant addiction and mental health related conferences and seminars, both physical and online.

Employment Referral

BAPSA creates the link between individual members seeking employment, and providers seeking employment candidates of all levels across the country and overseas.

Internship Placement

Need experience while studying? BAPSA also facilitates the placement of internships or volunteer positions at providers in South Africa and abroad. 

Education Referral

BAPSA is proud to be partnered with education provider Addiction Counsellor Certifications South Africa (ACCSA), providing CPD/CEU courses and international certification through IC&RC and NAADAC.

Facility Registration Support

BAPSA professionals and our team provide support and guidance for registration of treatment providers and the various steps they need to take to meet the minimum norms and standards outlined in local legislation.

Workshops & Seminars

BAPSA Membership is for Addiction Professionals

Provider and Member Logo for Stationary

All individual and provider members are able to use our approved member and provider logos on their websites and stationery.

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