The Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa 

The Board of Addiction professionals South Africa was formed with two primary objectives in mind: Firstly providing professionals who specialise in the field of addiction their own board of membership that provides professional status, as well as holds its members accountable to a high level of ethics and legal responsibility in the addiction field. And secondly to promote proper training and education to professionals in the addiction field to ensure that people suffering from addiction can receive the best possible care in our country. 


BAPSA bases its policies and education standards on the example of global standards of Evidence Based Practices (EBP's), Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIP's) and Technical Assistance Publications (TAP's). Becoming a member of BAPSA is a statement and commitment to continue to evolve and develop in a field that is still advancing daily. BAPSA offers many services to its members including ongoing professional support, employment referral, professional networking, education to name a few.


Join us now to become part of the movement to professionalise and add structure to the addiction field in South Africa.



BAPSA Services
  • Membership

  • Employment Referral

  • Addiction Professional Education Referral

  • Professionals Support

  • Professional Status

  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Education Provider Approval

  • Facility Approval

  • Professionals Networking

  • Addiction Treatment Services Referral

  • Affiliations

  • Updates on Latest Treatment Improvement Protocols

  • Addiction Resources

Recent News
Addiction Education
Addiction Education

One of BAPSA's primary goals is to ensure that addiction professionals from all fields are being educated and stay up to date with the latest in evidence based practices at global standard.

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Join our board
Join our board

BAPSA is a board that provides multiple services together with its members to achieve one primary ideal: Ensuring that people suffering from the disease of addiction can find the standard of help they need.

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Multidisciplinary Approach
Multidisciplinary Approach

BAPSA support a multidisciplinary approach to effective treatment of addiction. This is why our governing board consists of representatives from each of the primary fields involved in addiction treatment.

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