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Membership Board of Addiction Professionals

The Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa is a membership board created for addiction professionals, offering various useful services to its members and service providers. Members of BAPSA agree to uphold the highest level of ethics, legal and professional responsibilities in the field of addiction in South Africa. Being a member of BAPSA is a statement and commitment to strive for excellence.

BAPSA Member Services
  • Membership

  • Employment Referral

  • Addiction Professional Education Referral

  • Professionals Support

  • Professional Status

  • Professional Networking

  • Treatment Services

  • Resources

  • Web Seminars

BAPSA Provider Services
  • Provider Membership

  • Employment Referral

  • Internship Placement

  • Addiction Professional Networking

  • Education Referral

  • Provider Support

  • Facility Registration Support

  • Provider Status

  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Facility Endorsement

Employment Referral
  • Employment Referral

  • Internship Referral

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