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Addiction Service & Referral Hub is a website that is dedicated to the addiction and recovery industry of South Africa and acts as an online resource that members of the public as well as professionals working in the field can access for all addiction and recovery related issues.

It is an unfortunate reality that unless one is familiar with centres and professionals who deal with addiction and dependency related issues, people often do not know where to start looking for help when addiction becomes a problem. People are frequently in crisis and are panicked. They need help and they need it quickly!

Because people don’t know what their treatment options are, they are vulnerable to being “scared”? into treatment by facilities and professionals with whom they have had first contact. The problem with this, is that people are unaware of the variety of treatment options that are available for addiction related issues. Rehab is not always the answer immediately and conversely, individual therapy sometimes cannot contain the dependency adequately and formal treatment would have been more appropriate. The result is that the process becomes very costly and frustrating.

Moreover it is becoming more and more problematic that many treatment centres are not registered with the appropriate government departments and employ staff that are not certified or qualified to provide help in the realm of psychological and mental health.

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