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The Updated 2021 NAADAC Code of Ethics

The NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics, the most recent version of which is effective January 1, 2021, was updated to meet the needs of current addictions practice. It is a completely new document; built from the ground up with major enhancements and additions to the previous version. Standards were replaced with Principles and each Principle considered clinician, supervisor, and relevant others. It provides in-depth, clear guidance and direction to individual providers, service organizations, regulatory boards, educators and trainers, legislators, and other related parties.

NAADAC and NCC AP recognize that their members, certified counselors, and other service providers live and work in many diverse communities. NAADAC shall have the responsibility to create a Code of Ethics that shall be relevant for ethical deliberation and guidance. The terms “addiction professionals” and “providers” shall include and refer to NAADAC Members, certified or licensed counselors offering addiction-specific services, and other service providers along the continuum of care from prevention through recovery. “Client” shall include and refer to individuals, couples, partners, families, or groups, depending on the setting.

The NAADAC Code of Ethics was written to reflect the ideals and govern the conduct of NAADAC and its members, and shall be the accepted standard of conduct for NAADAC members and addiction professionals certified by the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals. The NAADAC Code of Ethics shall be a statement of the values of the addictions profession, and the guide for making ethical clinical decisions. When an ethics complaint is filed with NAADAC, the complaint shall be evaluated by consulting the NAADAC Code of Ethics. This Code shall also be utilized by state certification boards and educational institutions to evaluate the behaviors of addiction professionals and to guide the certification process.

Check out the document here on the NAADAC Website.

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